Thursday, November 8, 2018

So You Want To Start A Lawn Care and Landscaping Business

Congratulations on becoming one of the elite people that want to be their own boss! Now the real begins!

Hopefully you are beginning to come up with a game plan for your soon to be business. In this first blog of my series, I will talk about the basic steps to forming your business. We don't need to get into sales and all that mambo-jambo just yet. We need to form the foundation of your business.

Let's start with what you're going to do. Are you going to be a lawn care only, landscaping only, or a lawn care and landscaping company? I started my business as a lawn care only business and it only slowed me down. If I were to start it over, I would offer both lawn care and landscaping services, so for the series, we'll stick with this business model.

Choosing A Business Name


Based off of the two main services we're going to perform, we need to choose a business name accordingly. Now this can get messy pretty quickly, you can spend hours, days, weeks even, throwing ideas around. Go ahead and list all of the business names you can think of. Type them out and work on some variations. Think conservatively also. Try coming up with business names with your last name or your city's name in it. You can also get more creative and come up with a name like "Lawn and Order" or something catchy like that. 

Hopefully while you're doing this, you'll be able to dwindle down the list and give yourself some sanity. 

Scout Out the Competition

What's your future competition use for their business names? Don't make your business name one that can be related or confused for theirs. You'll end up giving up crucial sales to them by accident. Also make sure that your name can't be confused for another business in a different industry. Trademark laws can get you in trouble pretty quickly. Your state should have an online database with search functions. Use that to your advantage in the quest for a great business name. It may be in your favor to hire a lawyer to help you with this. Luckily in my search, that wasn't needed. Never be afraid to ask for help along the way!

Test Your Name(s)

Use your name around your colleagues, family, and friends. If you have to explain your name, it's probably not a good one and had a better chance at hurting your brand.

Live It!

Once you've picked a name, whether you absolutely love it or will need it to grow on you, if you choose a great name, your brand should have greater success in the long run. If your business name is like mine, I didn't love it at first, but it took off pretty quickly and I've loved it ever since!

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